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Hey, I’m James Austin. I’m determined to make a Student in Rugby grow. My only question is, will it be yours? 

About Me

Hi, I’m James. I’ve just finished my Degree in Mathematical Physics and before I continue with my career, I’m taking a gap year to tutor and travel.

I have over 50+ hours experience in teaching GCSE and A-level maths and I have had the privilege of helping pupils achieve their dream grades.

I have a friendly and calm approach to teaching and quickly build an understanding relationship with my students. I treat every pupil as an individual, going at their speed, and using teaching methods tailored to their specific needs – such a difference to sitting in a noisy classroom and trying to keep up with the teacher! I have found this approach enables my students to fully understand the concepts of the curriculum, rather than just regurgitating textbook material. Once they can teach it back to me, I know they know it!

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The Problem

Maths can be troublesome especially when progression depends on the mastery of past content.

If you’re finding math to be particularly difficult and need some expert guidance, you’d benefit from one-on-one tutoring with an experienced math tutor.

Private math tutors not only excel in math, but can explain the most complex mathematical concepts and equations in ways that make sense. 



Common Causes

Cause: A lot of students have difficulties with math because teachers tend to only teach the subject in one way.

Solution: I can adapt to fit the individual. Together we will find your child’s strengths and weaknesses so we can tailor my teaching method.

Cause: Another reason students don’t perform well is because math is difficult to relate to.

Solution: I make math more approachable by showing simple and practical applications of concepts.

So, whether your child needs help with basic math, or you need help learning more advanced subjects like trigonometry, geometry, or statistics, we can help.



Common Misconceptions

  • Students only come to tutoring if they need help with homework or in preparation for an exam – FALSE
  • Even if they are not currently struggling, students are welcome to make an appointment if he/she would like to discuss challenging material – TRUE
  • If I attend tutoring, then I am a bad student – FALSE
  • Tutoring is a means to help improve in a subject with the aid of a tutor, and utilizing tutoring services does not mean that the student seeking help is not intelligent – TRUE
  • Going to one tutoring session will instantly clear up every question you have and provide you with every tip for success that is currently in existence – FALSE
  • A recent survey showed that 91% of students felt that the overall tutoring environment was friendly and welcoming — TRUE
  • Tutoring is just for students who are struggling in class. If I am smart, then tutoring won’t be beneficial – FALSE

Student Reviews

James was one of the only reasons I passed maths last year! We always had a laugh and I managed to learn maths skills that teachers never taught me. Would recommend to anyone in need of a maths tutor!

James helped me to reach a new level in my maths ability. He was clear and made things easier to understand. James is one main reason as to why I achieved an 8 in maths

Alicia, Studio City, CA

James made difficult topics easier to understand through his ability to present complicated things simply and applied his A-level knowledge to elements of the new GCSE maths curriculum. This enhanced my knowledge and made maths learnable in a more enjoyable environment.

The Solution

Online Tutoring

Learn from anywhere.
  • Screen-sharing live tutorials via Skype – perfect for students in emergency situations or for the convenience.

small group

Min 2 Students Req.
  • Why not learn with some of your friends? Then you can continue to bounce ideas off each other.

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